Frappe Health - Service and Medication Request

From version 15 onwards billing of prescriptions in Patient Encounter is moved to Service/Medication Requests.

Medication/Service Request will be created on submission of Patient Encounter with entered data in the prescription tables in Encounter.

If the 'Submit Orders on Save' field in the encounter is checked, Medication/Service Requests will be created on saving the encounter instead of upon submission. This allows the practitioner to prescribe orders without submitting the encounter.

Service Request

In a Patient Encounter, if any of the procedure prescriptions, lab tests, or therapy tables are filled out, upon submission of the encounter, Service Requests will be created.

  1. Order Source section holds the data of Ordered and Referred To Practitioners and Encounter Reference
  2. Order Details section contains Staff Role responsible for performing the service and Patient Care Type
  3. Service Details section contains Order Template Type, Order Template which can be Lab Test Template, Clinical Procedure Template or Therapy Type.
  4. Order Specifications section have quantity, order description etc


Create button to

  • Create Lab Test if Order Template Type is Lab Test Template.
  • Create Clinical Procedure if Order Template Type is Clinical Procedure Template.
  • Create Therapy Session if Order Template Type is Therapy Type.

In Sales Invoice "Get Items From - Healthcare Services" will retrieve prescriptions from Service Requests.

ERPNext Healthcare Medication

Medication Request

In Patient Encounter, if drug prescription table has value, on submission of the encounter Medication Requests will be created.

  1. Order Source section holds the data of Ordered Practitioner and Encounter Reference.
  2. Order Specification contains medication details including quantity, dosage form, dosage, Number of repeats allowed, period, occurrence time.

In Sales Invoice "Get Items - From Prescriptions" will retrieve unbilled drug prescriptions from Medication Requests.

ERPNext Healthcare Medication