Why Frappe Health?

Since many decades Healthcare has always been a fast paced domain due to the urgency and criticality associated with human life.

It is quite evident that until the recent past, the association of IT/Technology with Healthcare has been lagging behind as compared to the other domains such as finance, banking, retail etc.

However, recently the need for the association between IT and Healthcare has been globally identified and efforts have been made to improve overall productivity of the Healthcare processes/operations with the help of cutting edge technology. The technology providers have invested a lot of their efforts to automate healthcare operations in order to provide a seamless user experience without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Frappe Technologies introduces the world's most open source and customisable software called Frappe Health which meticulously caters to the needs of the Healthcare industry.

Why Open Source?

It seems less pragmatic for mid size healthcare providers to invest billions of dollars and countless efforts to develop proprietary information systems as it might not fully justify the efforts as the projects are likely to be beyond budget and seem to provide little RoI.

Many healthcare institutions are now considering ‘open source’ solutions for automating their daily operations. In addition to saving costs, it has become easy to automate business processes by adopting proven industry standards in order to improve productivity significantly.

To encourage and support the use of open source HIS software, we, at Frappe, are committed to provide easy-to-use, interpolable & affordable HIS software for every healthcare organization.

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