Frappe Health - Observation

Introduced in version 15

Once you have all the necessary Observation Templates configured, you can start creating Observations by selecting an Observation Template.

If the Observation Template has sample ‘Sample Collection Required’ checked before Observation creation ‘Sample Collection’ gets created and from this Observation can be created.

1. How to create an Observation

To create an Observation, go to:

Home > Healthcare > Laboratory > Observation > New Observation

  1. Set the Naming Series.
  2. Select the Observation Template. All fields inside the Template Details section will be automatically fetched from the template.
  3. Select the Patient. The patient details will be auto-fetched.
  4. You can optionally select the Healthcare Practitioner.
  5. Save.
  6. As the results get ready, you can enter the details of the results in the Observation document.

2. Features

2.1 Automatic Observation creation on Sales Invoice submission

Healthcare module allows creation of Observation documents automatically when any linked Items are billed (via Sales Invoice). To configure this enable “Create Observation(s) on Sales Invoice Submission" option in Healthcare Settings.

2.2 Create Observation from Service Request

After adding the Observation Template in Observation Prescription table in the encounter on submitting the encounter, Service Requests get created. From this Service Request Observation/Sample Collection can be created.

2.3 Create Observation from Sample Collection

Select the Observation template which wants to be proceeded from the ‘Observation Sample Collection’ child table and click ‘Mark Selected’. This will create a specimen and then Observation with that specimen selected.

Sample Collection

If the template is grouped, the Individual Observation Template can be marked as Collected by clicking the ‘Show Components’ button in the child table.

Sample Collection

  1. Observation Template
  2. Diagnostic Report