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Frappe Health is an open source solution which helps manage all your operational activities under one roof.

Multi-speciality Hospitals

Independent Clinics

Dental Clinics

Veterinary Hospitals

Blood Banks

Pathology Labs

Diagnostic Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

Key Benefits

Efficient Hospital Visits

Reduces waiting time for patients while undergoing required treatment at a medical facility.

Paperless Records

As past patient records are available digitally, Patients need not carry printed copies of medical records during hospital visits.

Reminders, Notifications

System generated reminders and notifications ensure that patients do not miss any scheduled appointments / periodic check-ups.

Patient Portal

A single portal to track all appointments, diagnostic reports, billing information and patient history.

Tele Consultation

Geographically remote patients can get consulted from desired practitioners with the help of tele-consulting functionality.

Increased Patient Engagement

Configurable questionnaires, assessment forms, surveys etc. increase patient's participation during and after the treatment period.

Paperless Workflows

Complete automation of the workflows make them paperless which indeed improves data availability and reduces the risk of data loss.

Secure Storage Of Data

System stores patient data securely avoiding any data leaks maintaining data confidentiality.

Better Analysis

With dashboards and powerful reports, you can not only analyze clinical information but also analyze important business KPIs via financial statements, receivables / payables, attendances, asset lifecycle and more.

Improved Decision Making

Patient History, Patient Progress, Patient Repository ad various analytics can help you gain faster access to insightful information facilitating fast, accurate clinical decisions.

Effective Data Management

Thoughtfully designed user interfaces allow healthcare workers to capture and store patient data effectively ensuring improved data correctness and reliability.

Improved Communication

The interwoven workflows allows users to perform seamless coordination and communication between different departments.

User Friendly Design

An extremely user friendly system, boasts of increased user experience, simple and easy for non technical users to adapt.

Single Source of Truth

Managing an entire organisation on one unified platform ensures that a single source of truth exists to provide useful and insightful business information.

Easy to be customized

Built on low code, open source Frappe framework it's super easy to create new forms or customize existing ones to fit your needs.

Reduced Costs

A wide range of enterprise modules are available out of the box with no additional licensing costs.

Increased Productivity

Facilitated by seamless interdepartment communication, configurable notifications, data import / export, dashboards, auto email reports etc.

Improved Operational Effectiveness

Build your own custom workflows to fit your operations or utilize any of the pre-configured industry standard ones.

Features out of the box

We want you to get going from the start. Make use of our various ready to use modules to get things done from day one at your healthcare facility.

Patient Repository

Create and maintain a file for every individual who seeks medical services from you. All the critical information associated with patients can be gathered and securely stored on file.

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Healthcare Practitioners

Create multiple practitioners (doctors, nurses, etc.) and link each one to their availability schedules and appropriate access permissions. They can also be linked to their employee documents, which lets employees access their leaves, payroll, shifts and other HR data

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Patient Appointments

Book patient appointments for any date and alert patients via Email or SMS. Easily organize appointments for each practitioner. Cancel and reschedule appointments. Record and track patient referrals and appointment status.

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Patient Progress

It's imperative to monitor the progress of Patients who are post operative care and Frappe Health helps you do that efficiently by providing critical insights based on data captured during periodic Patient Assessments

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Patient History

Managing Patient's health history in Frappe Health is easy and simple, you can even configure custom documents to be added to a patient's medical records. All medical records have restricted access by Roles and Permissions, ensuring the patient's data is protected.

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Facility Mapping

You can easily map your care delivery centres in Frappe Health as Service Units and allow practitioners to schedule their work at their designated units. Inpatient facilities can also be billed based on patient's occupancy duration. You can also link warehouses to such units helping you track the inventory at all time.

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