Frappe Health - Inpatient Medication Orders Report

Introduced in Version 13

The Inpatient Medication Orders Report shows all the data related to the medication orders for inpatients. This report is based on the Inpatient Medication Order Document Type.

To view this report, you can go to:

Home > Healthcare > Reports > Inpatient Medication Orders

This report shows the Inpatient Medication Orders with the following data:

  • Patient
  • Healthcare Service Unit (where the patient is admitted)
  • Drug Code and Name
  • Dosage and Dosage Form
  • Date and Time
  • Order Completion Status
  • Healthcare Practitioner
  • Inpatient Medication Entry: If the order is completed, then the inpatient medication entry against the order is shown.
  • Inpatient Record

The toolbar provides filters to select what data is to be used. Using the dropdown selections, the data displayed can be refined. As the selections are made, data is reflected in the data window as well as the graph window. The filters available are:

  • Company
  • From date and To Date: By default the report shows data for the last 30 days.
  • Patient
  • Healthcare Service Unit
  • Show Completed Orders: By default this checkbox is enabled. If you just want to see the data related to pending orders, you can uncheck this. Pending here refers to the order entries in Inpatient Medication Order table which have the Is Order Completed checkbox unchecked.

Using the Set Chart button, you can set values for the X and Y fields, use different types of charts and select a color.