Frappe Health - Diagnostic Report

Diagnostic Report helps to enter Observation Result easily. Diagnostic Report gets created on submission of Sales Invoice with Observation Template Items in Item table.

Introduced in version 15

To view Diagnostic Report, go to:

Home > Healthcare > Diagnostics > Diagnostic Report

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1. Working

  • After entering the result save the Diagnostic Report (this will save the Observation with the results entered)
  • To approve an Observation the Result needs to be saved and then click the Approve button.
  • Observations can be Approved either individually or grouped from Diagnostic Report
  • If all the observations are approved, the Diagnostic Report will be approved automatically.

2. Features

  • Get PDF button will show a dialog where it will have options to select Print Format and Letter Head
    P.S : A print format for the Diagnostic Report will already be available.
  1. Observation Template
  2. Observation